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Add Songs To Ipod Nano 6G Without Itunes

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Download Copy. Trans Suite v. All Down Soft. Your i. Tunes library is empty, but your music is still on your i.

Pod? Do not connect your i. Pod to i. Tunes without an i. Pod backup and risk an unwanted synchronization and deletion!

Copy i. Pod to computer and safely recover i. Phone or i. Pod library. Copy. Trans transfers: music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, smart playlists, artworks, ratings, playcounts, date added and many more! Backup i. Pod to PC and i. Phone to i. Tunes the correct way!

Features- :Transfer i. Pod to i. Tunes – rebuild i. Tunes library* Transfer i. Pod music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, home made videos and ringtones directly to i. Tunes* Import playlists, artworks, ratings, play counts, date last played, date added and many more back into i. Tunes* Copy i. Pod playlists and i.

Phone smart playlists while preserving song order within playlist* Import i. Phone artworks automatically into i.

I have no iTunes installed at all. It's all I use to add and delete music on my iPod nano. IPod touch is ultrathin and colorful, plays music and video, rules games, runs apps, makes video calls, takes amazing photos, and shoots HD video.

Get in touch with your music. Tap to play your favourite songs. Or everything by one artist. You can even browse by genres or composers. Information required when posting (ignore this at the risk of being ignored) 2. FAQ: Common Issues (Read This First before posting) 3. Clean Install instructions. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. No itunes or software necesary.

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I have an iPod 6g (80 GB) and while the Cirrus Logic chip in it is very good, I think the sound output is a little lifeless compared to my iPod nano 1g (2gb). I have yet to find a good iPod syncing programme for Linux. I have the iPod Nano 5g and most of the syncing programmes don’t support it, so I currently have to run. IPod Nano deals and voucher discounts The HUKD community hunts down the cheapest price for iPod Nano Offers & Sale discounts

Add Songs To Ipod Nano 6G Without Itunes

Tunes* Import i. Phone videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, TV- shows and ringtones to their i. Tunes categories* Backup i. Pod podcasts to i. Tunes including subscriptions* 1. No i. Phone duplicates in i. Tunes. Why Copy. Trans is the solution you need!* The quickest way to import your music from i. Pod to i. Tunes* The only i.

Pod backup solution to import all album artwork* Only i. Pod backup software to transfer absolutely all music tags* Recognized as having the best customer support, 7 days a week. Transfer i. Pod to computer – create i.

Phone backups- :* Copy i. Pod music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, TV- shows, voice memos and ringtones to PC* Transfer i.

Pod to PC folder of your choice* Organize i. Phone tracks the way you want to. Rename tracks and create folders based on any i. Phone track field such as artist, album, genre, . Copy, restore, recover and move from i. Pod to computer* Update i.

Tunes with recent i. Pod changes (incremental backup)Copy. Trans Tune. Swift- Transfer i. Tunes to a new computer (PC or Mac)* Transfer i. Tunes library to a new computer: PC to Mac, XP or Vista to Windows 7, 3.

Back up the entire i. Tunes library including music, videos, applications, books, purchases, artworks, playlists, i. Phone, i. Pad and i.

Pod Touch backups and many more in a single archive* Restore i. Tunes library from any backup on PC or Mac* Save the latest changes of the i. Tunes library as an incremental backup* Move i.

Tunes library from Windows to Mac* Transfer i. Tunes library to an external hard drive or a new folder* Export i. Tunes library including i. Phone, i. Pod Touch & i. Pad backups. Copy. Trans Photo- * Transfer i. Pod Touch pictures to PC and from PC to i.

Phone* Add photos from computer to i. Pod, i. Phone and i. Pad by drag and drop* Browse both i. Pod and PC pics with pleasant and convenient thumbnails* Easily navigate through multiple i. Pad photo albums and PC folders* Create and rename i. Phone photo albums and folders to keep your i. Phone pics organized* Keep backups of images on i.

Phone, i. Pod Touch, i. Pad and computer* Delete i.

Phone pictures* Enjoy i. Pod and computer pictures in slideshows. Copy. Trans Manager- * Ultra light, fast & portable alternative i.

Pod, i. Phone, i. Pod Touch manager* Take control of i. Pod, i. Phone, i. Touch without i. Tunes* Add songs to i. Pod, create & edit playlists from any computer* Can be installed on i.

Pod to manage music on- the- go* Play i. Pod music directly on any computeri. Libs- * Create as many i.

Tunes libraries as you want* Organize i. Tunes libraries in easily switchable users* Switch between several i. Tunes libraries without any confusion nor risk* Never mix- up your i. Pod songs with your buddies again* Manage multiple i. Pods & i. Pod owners on a single computeri. Cloner* Create full i. Pod backup* Restore i.

Pod from a backup image* Keep, save, i. Pod copies on removable storage media supports* Store exact i.

Pod backups on DVD/CD or external hard drives* Integral i. Pod hard drive data copy* Archive compression (save up to 5. Copy. Trans Doctor- * Complete i. Pod disk diagnostic* Repair i. Pod hard drive or memory problems & errors* Retrieve missing, lost or deleted i. Pod files* Check i. Pod database (library verification)* Retrieve i.

Pod unlisted music* Recover deleted i. Pod songs. Compatible with all i. Pod models- :* i. Phone, 3. G, 3. GS and 4 up to i. OS4. 3* i. Pod Touch, 2. G, 3. G and 4. G up to i. OS4. 3* i. Pad 1 and 2 up to i.

OS4. 3* i. Pod Nano up to i. Pod Nano 6. G* i.

Pod Classic, i. Pod Video and i. Pod Photo* i. Pod Shuffle up to i. Pod Shuffle 4. G* i.