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Black Beauty Free Audiobook Download

The Black Company (Complete) - Glen Cook Audiobook Torrent Downloads, Free Audio Book Torrents, 8. Written by Glen Cook. Read by Marc Vietor, Jonathan Davis, Rachel Butera, Mac. Leod Andrews. Format: MP3.

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  • Malazan Book of the Fallen (Complete) - Steven Erikson audiobook torrent free download, 88527. Shared by:ZenoByte Written by Steven Erikson Read by Ralph Lister.
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Bitrate: 6. 4 Kbps. Unabridged. Type: Unabridged. Narrator: Marc Vietor, Jonathan Davis, Rachel Butera, Mac. Leod Andrews. Quality: 6.

Black Beauty Free Audiobook Download

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Stereo / 4. 41. 00 hz. The Black Company - Some feel the Lady, newly risen from centuries in thrall, stands between humankind and evil. Some feel she is evil itself. The hardbitten men of the Black Company take their pay and do what they must, burying their doubts with their dead - until the prophesy: The White Rose has been reborn, somewhere, to embody good once more. There must be a way for the Black Company to find her.. Shadows Linger - Mercenary soldiers in the service of the Lady, the Black Company stands against the rebels of the White Rose.

They are tough men, proud of honoring their contracts. The Lady is evil, but so, too, are those who falsely profess to follow the White Rose, reincarnation of a centuries- dead heroine. Yet now some of the Company have discovered that the mute girl they rescued and sheltered is truly the White Rose reborn. Now there may be a path to the light, even for such as they.

If they can survive it. The White Rose - She is the last hope of good in the war against the evil sorceress known as the Lady. From a secret base on the Plains of Fear, where even the Lady hesitates to go, the Black Company, once in service to the Lady, now fights to bring victory to the White Rose.

But now an even greater evil threatens the world. All the great battles that have gone before will seem a skirmishes when the Dominator rises from the grave. Shadow Games - After the devastating battle at the Tower of Charm, Croaker leads the greatly diminished Black Company south, in search of the lost Annals. Every step of the way, the Company is hounded by shadowy figured and carrion- eating crows. As they march every southward, through bug infested jungle; rivers dense with bloodthirsty pirates; and cities, dead and living, haunted by the passage of the Company north, their numbers grow. But always they are watched by the Shadowmasters, a deadly new enemy.

The Silver Spike - Defeated by the Lady and cast from this world, all that was left of him was a foul trace of lingering evil. But the graveyard that was once the Barrowland contains more secrets than dead. All who would possess the power of the Dominator are drawn to the spike. A foolhardy band of thieves is the first to reach it, and a rapacious and malign spirit is unleashed on an unwary world.

The forces gather, sides are drawn, and mortal men can only die as the Dark Lords battle for domination. Dreams of Steel - Croaker has fallen and, following the Company's disastrous defeat at Dejagore, Lady is one of the few survivors- -determined to avenge the Company and herself against the Shadowmasters, no matter what the cost. But in assembling a new fighting force from the dregs and rabble of Taglios, she finds herself offered help by a mysterious, ancient cult of murder- -competent, reliable, and apparently committed to her goals. Bleak Seasons - Having risked their lives and souls to capture the fortress of Stormgard, a band of weary soldiers known as the Company witnesses their commander's descent into madness and await the reemergence of their ancient gods.

She Is the Darkness - The tale again comes to us from the pen of Murgen, Annalist and Standard Bearer of the Black Company. Led by the wily commander, Croaker, and the Lady, the Company is working for the Taglian government, but neither the Company nor the Taglians are overflowing with trust for each other. Arrayed against both is a similarly tenuous alliance of sorcerers, including the diabolical Soulcatcher, the psychotic Howler, and a four- year- old child who may be the most powerful of all.

Water Sleeps - As the survivors of the disaster at the end of She is Darkness regroup in Taglios. Determined to free their fellow warriors held in stasis beneath the glittering plain, they journey there under terrible conditions, arriving just in time for a magical conflagration in which the bones of the world will be revealed, the history of the Company unveiled, and new worlds gained and lost.. Soldiers Live - As Soldiers Live opens, Croaker is military dictator of all the Taglias, and no Black Company member has died in battle for four years. Croaker figures it can't last.

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Malazan Book of the Fallen (Complete)Written by Steven Erikson. Read by Ralph Lister, Michael Page. Format: MP3. Bitrate: 6.

Kbps. Unabridged. Type: Unabridged. Narrator: Ralph Lister & Michael Page. Quality: 6. 4 kbps / 2. Stereo / 4. 41. 00 hz Gardens of the Moon - The Malazan Empire simmers with discontent, bled dry by interminable warfare, bitter infighting, and bloody confrontations with ancient and implacable sorcerers.

Even the imperial legions, long inured to the bloodshed, yearn for some respite. Yet Empress Laseen’s rule remains absolute, enforced by her dreaded Claw assassins. For Sergeant Whiskeyjack and his squad of Bridgeburners, and for Tattersail, their lone surviving mage, the aftermath of the siege of Pale should have been a time to mourn the many dead. But Darujhistan, last of the Free Cities, yet holds out.

Deadhouse Gates - In the vast dominion of Seven Cities, in the Holy Desert Raraku, the seer Sha’ik and her followers prepare for the long- prophesied uprising known as the Whirlwind. Unprecedented in size and savagery, this maelstrom of fanaticism and bloodlust will embroil the Malazan Empire in one of the bloodiest conflicts it has ever known, shaping destinies and giving birth to legends...

Memories of Ice - The ravaged continent of Genabackis has given birth to a terrifying new empire: the Pannion Domin. Like a tide of corrupted blood, it seethes across the land, devouring all. In its path stands an uneasy alliance: Onearm’s army and Whiskeyjack’s Bridgeburners alongside their enemies of old - the forces of the Warlord Caladan Brood, Anomander Rake and his Tiste Andii mages, and the Rhivi people of the plains. But ancient undead clans are also gathering; the T’lan Imass have risen. House of Chains - In Northern Genabackis, a raiding party of savage tribal warriors descends from the mountains into the southern flatlands. Their intention is to wreak havoc amongst the despised lowlanders, but for the one named Karsa Orlong, it marks the beginning of what will prove to be an extraordinary destiny. Midnight Tides - After decades of internecine warfare, the tribes of the Tiste Edur have at last united under the Warlock King of the Hiroth.

There is peace - but it has been exacted at a terrible price: a pact made with a hidden power whose motives are at best suspect, at worst, deadly. To the south, the expansionist kingdom of Lether, eager to fulfill its long- prophesized renaissance as an Empire reborn, has enslved all its less- civilized neighbors with rapacious hunger. All, that is, save one - the Tiste Edur. And it must be only a matter of time before they too fall. The Bonehunters - The Seven Cities Rebellion has been crushed. One last rebel force remains, holed up in the city of Y’Ghatan and under the fanatical command of Leoman of the Flails. The prospect of laying siege to this ancient fortress makes the battle- weary Malazan Fourteenth Army uneasy.

For it was here that the Empire’s greatest champion, Dassem Ultor, was slain and a tide of Malazan blood spilled. A place of foreboding, its smell is of death. But elsewhere, agents of a far greater conflict have made their opening moves. Reaper's Gale - All is not well in the Letherii Empire. Rhulad Sengar, the Emperor of a Thousand Deaths, spirals into madness, surrounded by sycophants and agents of his Machiavellian chancellor, while the Letherii secret police conduct a campaign of terror against their own people. The Errant, once a far- seeing god, is suddenly blind to the future.

Conspiracies seethe throughout the palace as the empire edges closer to all- out war with the neighboring kingdoms. Toll the Hounds - In Darujhistan, the city of blue blue . It is summer, and the heat is oppressive, but for the small, rotund man in the faded red waistcoat discomfiture is not just because of the sun. Dire portents plague his nights and haunt the city streets like . Assassins skulk in alleyways, but the quarry has turned, and the hunters become the hunted. Hidden hands pluck the strings of tyranny like a fell chorus.

Dust of Dreams - The fate awaiting the Bonehunters is one no soldier can prepare for, and one no mortal soul can withstand - the foe is uncertainty and the only weapon worth wielding is stubborn courage. In war everyone loses, and this brutal truth can be found in the eyes of every soldier in every world. The Crippled God - Savaged by the K'Chain Nah'Ruk, the Bonehunters march for Kolanse, where waits an unknown fate.

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