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Download Theme Song Of Set Wet Gel

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Download Theme Song Of Set Wet Gel

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Miller« Penmachine. Podcasts too), which you can subscribe to with a program like i. Tunes (version 4. Then, whenever I add a new track, you'll get it automatically, and it can go straight to your i. Pod. If you don't know about podcasting, then read up or check out Technorati's Podcast search for more references. Go ahead and download, file- share, copy, webcast, remix, and have fun with these tracks (unless they specify otherwise). You don't need to ask me, though you need to give me credit, and let other people do the same, as detailed in my Creative Commons License.

Another way to get these songs is via the AMP Library or the Podsafe Music Network, which also includes a listing of the dozens of other podcasters who have played these tracks on their shows. Miller. THIS PODCAST HAS MOVED: Visit podcast. February 2. 00. 6. Older tracks remain here, but I am also republishing them at the new page over time. BUY MY AUDIO CD - NOW AVAILABLE!

I've put together the high- quality original masters of the first 1. October 2. 00. 5) into a CD album you can buy from: buy.

It also includes a bonus data DVD with a bunch of cool stuff that isn't on this website. Find out more.. All the MP3s will continue to be available for free, of course. You can read about my the CD on my blog, or go ahead and buy it right now. I've been a musician for a long time now, and I've made money at it for more than 1. I start posting my own (or my friends') compositions here.

Since then, quite a few podcasters and others have played these tunes. I hope you enjoy them too. My Creative Commons license allows you to do pretty much what you like with them (unless detailed otherwise for a particular track), including using them for your podcast, radio or TV show, movie, or whatever—as long as you give me and my collaborators credit and let others do the same. Of course, I'd appreciate if you let me know too. My free podsafe tracks (newest first)The . Older tracks remain here, but I am also republishing them at the new page over time.

Do you like these tunes? You can buy my CD, or if you don't want to spend that much, I'd appreciate a donation (any amount, credit cards accepted) via Pay. Pal for the Derek coffee- and- musical- gadget fund. Oh, and by the way, if you're looking for the Derek Miller who's actually a reasonably famous, award- winning Canadian musician, that's not me! You're thinking of this guy. Tips for listening or subscribing.

Tips for listening: To open the MP3 files directly in your web browser, simply click the appropriate link or song title below. To transfer the file to your computer instead, for later listening or reading, right- click (Windows) or control- click (Macintosh) on the link, then choose . Your computer needs to be able to play MP3s.

Most can, but if yours cannot read the file, try downloading Quick. Time or i. Tunes (both available for Windows and Mac). Tips for subscribing: If you have i. Tunes, the easiest way to subscribe is to click the Subscribe link: , which should open i. Tunes and take you directly to my podcast page in the i. Tunes store. Then click Subscribe there to start getting the songs for free. Finally, you can click and drag the orange and grey .

He asked if I had any music that would fit, so I decided to write something exactly that length, which is . Although the two versions here come from the same source recording, I think the emotional result is a bit different, especially with the piano coda on . Miller (SOCAN). Back to the top. I took advantage of the deep Barry White voice I got during a recent head cold to create a new promo file (exactly 3.

Feel free to use it in your own podcast—in fact, please do. You can also get it at the Podsafe Music Network or at Podshow Promos.

Back to the top. Last week on January 1. I recorded an episode of . If you want to subscribe to listen to past and future shows, go here (RSS feed) or check out episode #7 (1. MB MP3 file) directly.

Official Tickets and Your Source for Live Entertainment. By clicking Next, you agree to the AXS. Clip Converter Free Download For Pc there.

Terms and Conditions. You may opt out of these communications at any time via your online account or via the 'unsubscribe' instructions in any communications you receive.