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Free Kindle Downloads Christian Fiction

  • Welcome to Thousands of people look for free books online everyday and many come to to browse our ever growing collection of free ebooks.
  • Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free Book Promotion Sites to Increase Your Kindle Book. A grand but overused tactic to improve Kindle book sales and rankings is to spread your book’s sale page link to as many free and paid book promotion sites as possible. The hope is that regardless of the quality of the book promotion site, or the amount of actual traffic that they receive, sales or downloads will occur and hopefully a review or two may show up. Whether you love this style of kindle book advertising or not, one cannot deny the effectiveness of this book advertising strategy. The below list is my compilation of my favorite book promotion sites – some free, while others not so much.

Free Christian e-Books. Christian e-books which are available for free. Expired deals are removed weekly. Many freebies will also be included in grab bags in the “.

Each one of the ebook promotion sites will have their own set of requirements in order to be accepted. So, to help you out, I did the research on each one and wrote a quick bit about their stipulations and what that website is all about. In this article, you will gain: An understanding of how these book promotion sites work. A list of the best book promotion websites, free and premium.

A couple of options in order to not have to do this yourself. So, let’s begin. However, pay close attention because some of these sites have weird requirements. In some cases, they will require you to submit your book one week before it goes free so that when they get around to publishing it, it is free. The devil is in the details! Submit at least two days before your book goes free. Erotica and offensive books are not accepted, and books rated above 3. They will promote books before they actually go free on their “Soon to Be Free” page.

Free Kindle Downloads Christian Fiction

A grand but overused tactic to improve Kindle book sales and rankings is to spread your book’s sale page link to as many free and paid book promotion sites. Interested in a free Kindle Book? Interested in lots of free Kindle books? There are a LOT of Free Books available for the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

Book must have 1. Amazon reviews and 4. Books are listed for up to four days. Books must be free for the entire period of promotion, and can only be featured for a total of 1. A little different but they actually allow you to submit an article that features and promotes your website.

It doesn’t get major traffic, but it is gaining momentum and building. One. Hundred. Free. Ebooks has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lifehacker, TIME and Edudemic. They will also promote ebooks that are on sale.

Only non- fiction, children’s ebooks and Christian fiction ebooks are accepted, and books must be submitted at least 2. This site also offers a paid option ($1. No erotica is allowed and you can only submit once every thirty days. No erotica is accepted, and your book must have three reviews. Paid options are also available. Erotica is not accepted.

Fiction books do not require reviews, but if they exist must have a 3. Non- fiction books must have at least 5 reviews to be considered. NUTB- s. 2s. CB7ajsd. Ej. 9u. So. H2i. 4Zoeya. J0dbnk. NU/viewform? FEy. LTFUSHREd. 05. Ka. VIta. Dd. UUk.

VVNGc. 6MA#gid=0 The normal site is on hiatus, but books will still be posted to the Facebook account. Erotica is not accepted, nor are novels under 1. Books must have at least 3 reviews and a rating of four stars or more. Erotica is allowed however, be sure to indicate it’s category as such or no go on the promotion.

Woo hoo, no requirements on this one. This is a UK site, and all content must be PG- 1. Another author site without requirements, which is pretty sweet. This is only for Kindle Select Promotions, you must submit your book five days in advance and you have to like them on Facebook for your book to be posted. Oh the reciprocal love. Popular genres and books with high ratings are preferred so make sure to plead your case. It actually helps if you have a website or a website for your book.

You must like and share the Focus Post at the top of their Facebook page to be featured. You can only post about your book on the thread while it is free. Download Spaware Free Adware. This site isn’t specific to books, and you just submit the details of your free item via this contact form. Like Pinocchio, there are no strings attached. Technically free, but priority listing is $8 and moves your book to the top of the queue. Not specific to ebooks.

Requires your first born. Books must be submitted 2. Not specific to books. No erotica is allowed. No martians allowed. No religious, political or hateful books are accepted, and sexual/nudity on book covers is forbidden.

They do suggest a $5 donation to a literary charity. Or you can always just tip Kindlepreneur. Think of it as a wikipedia for books that allow anyone to add or edit a book on the list, but it also provides an opportunity to broadcast these books across various social networks and blogs to help reach new readers. Offers free tweets, Facebook posts and a listing on their blog.