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Generic Proxy For Download Youtube Videos Online

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How to Create a Youtube Downloader using C#Youtube downloader is a popular tool used to download video and audio content from the internet. This document is specially prepared for those developers who are interested in developing client applications which can interact with youtube over the internet. It is assumed while preparing this document that the reader is well versed with the . NET framework and the C# programming language. In this document, we will see how to develop an application using the C# programming language. This sample program will be used to download videos from You. Tube. Before going anywhere, it is very much important to know the details of the You.

Generic Proxy For Download Youtube Videos Online

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Tube Downloader.? You. Tube Downloader is a software which is used to download video and audio contents from different internet websites e.

You. Tube, Facebook, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others. The You. Tube downloader also converts these downloaded files to other video formats. The program is written in a very simple and easy manner.

Also, it is very easy to execute the program. We just need to specify the URL for the video which we want to download and then hit the Ok button.

This program also allows users to convert downloaded videos for Ipod, PSP, Cell Phone, Iphone, Windows Media, XVid and MP3. In order to execute this application, we have certain requirements which we must ensure to have on the computer on which we want to run this application. These requirements are under: Intel Pentium 2. Mhz (or equivalent processor, such as AMD) or better.

Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Internet Explorer 6. MB of RAMAdobe Flash Player 9+We will be using the C# programming language here to develop a sample You.

Tube downloader application. The code used for developing this application is a very simple and easy to understand to any developer.

This code can easily be integrated with their ongoing solutions or projects. Here, in this article, the third party library is not used for doing the task. The only thing that needs to be done is to take two . The Youtube Data API The You. Tube Data API enables us to develop applications to retrieve and update You.

Tube content in the form of data feeds. It works in the same way the Google Data API works. The client side application always take help of the You. Tube Data API to fetch different components like video feeds, responses, comments, playlists, along with the query for different videos. This query should match a particular criterion.

The data API can also be used to execute authenticated requests to update this information and to upload the new video content to the site. Authentication. The client library (. NET based) is used to retrieve public feeds over the internet or even to execute the authenticated operations. All the public feeds exist in read- only mode. They do not require any authentication. On the other hand, authenticated operations, does the retrieval of private feeds along with the basic write, upload, update and delete operations. A user needs to register and get the developer key.

This developer key will allow the user to execute all authenticated operations. We can use either of the following authentication mechanisms to authenticate requests - Auth.

Sub proxy authentication Client based username/password authentication. In order to execute any operation by using the You. Tube API, we need to create a You. Tube. Request. Settings object. This object mentions the authentication information and also scheme which is to be used. Using this object, we then create a You. Tube. Request object.

This object is used to actually perform the operations. It must be noted that if we do not specify the authentication information while creating the You. Tube. Request. Settings object, then we will be allowed to use and perform operations only on those You. Tube. Request objects, which do not require authentication. Developing sample program.

Let us have a look at some sample programs mentioned below. Figure 1. Shows the snapshot of the You. Tube downloader. In order to develop the You. Tube downloader application, we are writing two main classes. These two classes are as follows: You.

Tube. Video. Quality Class: This class is used for describing the video. You. Tube. Downloader Class: This class is used for downloading the video. Now we have to write down the code in two (.

One file is main. Form. cs, where the main code of the first screen is written. The following code is written for that purpose.

After that the second screen is written in down.

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