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The Complete Guide to Google Chrome Browser. I have been using Google Chrome as my primary browser from the day it was released and I love it. In this guide, I will help you download the latest version of Google Chrome, install it, set it up and learn some cool tips. Let’s get started with answering the basic question. What is Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome is a web browser created by Google. It was first released on. Today, Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. All versions of Chrome is free for anyone to download. You can download the desktop version of Google Chrome directly from Google’s website. If you are on Android, Chrome is available from the Play Store as an application. Similarly, i. OS users can download the app from the App Store.

How do I Get Google Chrome. To download Google Chrome, visit one of the following pages based on the operating system that you are using: Desktop computers.

Stable channel; Beta channel; Dev channel; How do I choose which channel to use? The release channels for chrome range from the most stable and tested (Stable. Hi, For the past few months, pages on Chrome have become unresponsive with more and more frequency. Google Chrome is available for the following operating systems: Windows; OSX (Mac) Linux; Android; iOS; Is Google Chrome Free? All versions of Chrome is free for. Learn keyboard shortcuts and become a pro at using Chrome. Windows and Linux Tab and window shortcuts Action Shortcut.

Google Chrome Downloads Folder Android

If you are on Android or i. OS, the browser should automatically install on your phone or tablet. On desktop computers, double click the installer to get started. Google Chrome 6. 4- Bit. Bit version of any software is generally more secure. This applies to Chrome as well.

If you are using a 6. Bit computer, you really should use the 6.

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  2. UPDATED on Aug 31, 2016: Release of Google Chrome 53 stable version.
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  5. Google Chrome runs websites and applications with lightning speed. Chrome is the lightweight flagship browser that originated from.

Chrome too. According to Google, the 6. Bit version improves speed, security and stability. To get started with 6. Bit version, let’s first check what’s the current version that you are using, just to be sure.

If you are on 6. 4- Bit version, it will be stated right after the version number in the first line. Double- click the downloaded file and follow the on- screen prompts. Bit Chrome on Mac and Linux. Google Chrome for Mac is now 6. Bit only If you are using the latest version of Chrome on your Mac, you should already be on 6. If you are currently using 3. Hp Color Laserjet 3500 Driver Vista Download here. Bit version of Chrome on Linux, download and install the 6.

Bit version. Download Chrome Offline Installer. When you install Google Chrome, it usually downloads a small piece of software which then downloads the rest of the files. At times, this method might not work. If you are facing problems with the regular download and installation, the offline installer can help. Google Chrome Offline Installer downloads the entire installer file at once.

Download this file, double click it and the installation should start instantly. Import Settings From Other Browsers.

If you are switching to Chrome from another browser, you can import your settings and bookmarks (favorites for Internet Explorer users). Here is how to do that: Close all the other browsers. On Chrome, go to Settings and choose Bookmarks.

Click Import bookmark and settings. Choose the browser that you want to import settings and bookmarks from. Click Import. Chrome User Interface. Let’s take a look at all those items you see on your Chrome window. This can be very helpful if you are using Chrome for the first time. The following sections will explain the most important parts of the Google Chrome user interface.

The Address Bar aka Omnibox. Chrome calls its address bar.

Chrome calls it that way because the Omnibox does more than what a regular address bar does. Besides typing in specific URLs, you can also search Google (or any other search engine that you make your default search engine). You can even do calculations. Home and Reload. Home and Reload icons placed at the left end of the omnibox, right after the forward and backward icons.

You can can set any page as your Homepage and use this icon to quickly navigate to it. If you do not want it to show, uncheck “Show home button” under Settings > Appearance. Bookmarks. If you are coming from Internet Explorer and looking for Favorites, they are called Bookmarks on Chrome. A star icon is included in the omnibox to quickly bookmark any page. When you are on a website that is already in your bookmarks, this icon will be blue.

Bookmarks bar allows you to keep your most favorite bookmarks always visible (keyboard shortcut to toggle this on and off: CTRL + SHIFT + B). Tip: Make the bookmarks bar more useful by adding icon only bookmarks to your favorite sites. Like so: Extensions Bar. Chrome does not have an extensions bar. It houses your extension icons after the Omnibox.

It saves space and makes the interfac clean. Tip: Not every extension that you install requires to be displayed on the extensions bar. If you want to hide the icon, (without uninstalling the extension) right click the icon and choose Hide in Chrome menu. Accessing Settings.

ARChon Android Emulator for Google Chrome OS/Linux/Windows and Mac. This is the list that not working with me (Clash of clans, boom beach, brain wars). I change the wireless to preprietary version, still no hope.

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Google developer team has released Chrome 5. Stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux. This build includes several security fixes, bug fixes and improvements to stability and performance. You can download the new version using following links: Download Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome (6. If you want the standalone offline installer which doesn't need Internet connection at the time of installation, you can download it from following link: Download Full Standalone Offline Installer of Google Chrome. If you don't want to install Google Chrome in your computer but want to give it a try, you can check the portable version which doesn't need installation: Download Google Chrome Portable Version.

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How to Change the Chrome Download Folder Location. By default, Chrome downloads files to the “Downloads” folder in your user account. If you would rather save them to a different location, you can easily change the Chrome download folder location. Click the Chrome menu button (three horizontal bars) in the upper- right corner of the Chrome window and select “Settings” from the drop- down menu. The “Settings” screen displays on a new tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the “Settings” screen and click the “Show advanced settings” link. We’re going to set up a new default folder as the location where Chrome saves downloaded files.

However, you can have Chrome ask you every time to choose the download folder location. To do this, select the “Ask where to save each file before downloading” check box so there is a check mark in the box. To change the download folder location, click “Change” to the right of the “Download location” edit box. On the “Browse For Folder” dialog box, navigate to the folder where you want to save folders by default and click “OK”. The path to the selected folder displays in the “Download location” edit box.

This location displays in the “Save As” as the default location, if you’ve selected the “Ask where to save each file before downloading” check box. Click the “X” button on the “Settings” tab to close it.

There are additional actions you can take on downloads. To open the “Downloads” list, press “Ctrl + J” or select “Downloads” from the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bars) in the upper- right corner of the window.

You can also enter “chrome: //downloads” in the Omnibox (address box) and press “Enter”. The downloaded files are listed in order of most recent to farthest back in time. To remove an item from the “Downloads” list, click the “Remove from list” link below the item. To open the folder containing one of the downloaded files, click the “Show in folder” link belows that item. Once you have downloaded a file, you can quickly and easily move it to another location by dragging and dropping it from the “Downloads” list in Chrome to a folder in File Explorer or any other file browser you are using. TIP: It’s a good idea to clear out your downloaded files list on occasion so finding files in the list doesn’t get too difficult.