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Ice Station Matthew Reilly Free Download

Inskip Point Light & Signal Station. INSKIP POINT LIGHT AND SIGNAL STATION This is the story of the light and signal station at Inskip Point -  just next to Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia. The station began as the location for a beacon for the port of Maryborough in the 1. For more than a century the light station and pilots at Inskip were responsible for the safety of ships at sea. It was a lonely way of life for a succession of men, often with families, as they responded to the call of people in need.

If your family was there or if you have any feedback please email me: waldingr. Dr Richard Walding   Research Fellow - School of Science Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Great grandson of the 1.

Ice Station Matthew Reilly Free Download

Inskip Pilot Samuel James Reilly and seaman on H& M Dredge Maryborough William Eli Walding; grandson of the 1. Inskip Lightkeeper Oscar Robert Walding; son of the 1. Inskip Assistant Lightkeeper Robert Walding).

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The main beach at Inskip Point where stores would be unloaded for the light station - once located 7. On the right is Snout Point - so named because it looks like the snout of a dolphin.

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It is the landward side of the southern tip of Fraser Island. In the distance is the Great Sandy Strait and the Port of Maryborough. Walding, 2. 00. 9) LINKS TO SOME OF MY RELATED PAGES: Comboyuro Point and Cape Moreton Light Stations. Moreton Bay Harbour Defences - World War 2 (Bribie Island, Fort Bribie, Moreton Island)Inskip Point - Latitude: 2. ORIGINS OF THE NAME Inskip Point was named by Captain Owen Stanley, the Admiralty Hydrographer and Commander of the HMS Rattlesnake in October 1.

Sections; Top Stories; Video; Election; U.S. World; Entertainment; Health; Tech; Lifestyle; Money; Investigative; Sports; Good News; Weather; Photos; Shows. Ice Station is Australian thriller writer Matthew Reilly's second novel, released in 1998.

Captain George Henry Inskip RN naval officer who served in HMS Rattlesnake and HMS Bramble October 1. His father was a sailor and his brother was Captain Peter Inskip (b 1. It seems George was quite prolific in naming remote coastlines and spent some time in the 1. British Columbia. The 1. 88. 1 census lists him as Head of the house (click to view census document). The voyages of HMS Rattlesnake and tender HMS Bramble along the Queensland coast were really rather famous.

Ice Station Matthew Reilly Free Download

From 1. 84. 6 to 1. Rattlesnake, an ageing 'donkey frigate' (2. HMS Bramble, carried on from the earlier surveying work of HMS Beagle (Darwin's ship)1. On 1. 6th October 1. Rattlesnake visited Moreton Bay en route from Sydney anchoring at Cowan Cowan Roads in Moreton Bay.

She departed 4 November. In this time Scottish- born naturalist John Macgillivray (1. Moreton Island and studied aboriginal languages (this was the first encounter of the Rattlesnake with aborigines) and collected flora and fauna. In a second visit, HMS Rattlesnake under the command of Captain Owen Stanley, and HMS Bramble (under command of Lt Charles B.

Yule and 2nd Master George Henry Inskip) entered Moreton Bay on 1. May 1. 84. 9 on their way from Sydney to Cape Deliverance passing Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Straits. Rattlesnake and Bramble surveyed much of the northern East Coast of Australia - (treacherous because of the massive string uncharted reefs & shoals of the Great Barrier Reef ) and later Torres Strait & southern New Guinea. Macgillivray's journal is available online.

The first navigation aids to assist vessels entering Moreton Bay were those placed by John Gray in 1. South Passage. It was about this time that Fraser Island, and to some extent the point now known as Inskip, assumed world notoriety due to the Eliza Fraser story. In 1. 83. 6 the Stirling Castle was wrecked on the Queensland Coast and two boatloads of survivors headed south to Moreton Bay. One boat bypassed Moreton Bay and arrived on the northern New South Wales coast - with one survivor. The other boat containing Captain Fraser, his pregnant wife Eliza and 1. Orchid Beach on Fraser Island, 2. Sandy Cape. There they were watched- over by local aborigines - the Dulingbara clan.

Because she was still bleeding after giving birth (to a baby that only survived a few hours), Eliza Fraser was confined to living with the aboriginal women at Hook Point on the southern end of the island (see map above). She was taken over to Inskip Point in canoe and thence to Rainbow Beach and rescue at Lake Cootharabah. Five men sailed separately to Inskip Point and three walked to Bribie Island to be rescued to Lt Otter and two men walked to Lake Cootharaba.

Another two men, Elliott and Doyle, tried to swim from Hook Point to Inskip Point but drowned during their attempt. Download Music Video Viet Nam Que Huong Toi Karaoke.

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