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Lucid thoughts » making complex science accessible. In 1. 86. 4 James Clerk Maxwell published his essay, A dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field. In doing so he bought to a satisfactory pause an intense period of experiment and theorizing on the nature of electricity and magnetism.

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This period, I suggest, started in 1. Alessandro Volta, of the voltaic pile, enabling, for the first time, the production of a continuous electric current. The following six decades were a fascinating montage of experiments and theories. Soal Dan Bahan Fisika Kelas X Semester 2 Alat Optik there. This essay is not going to address the nature or ontology of the various fluid, wave, and field theories that emerged, and were argued over, in this period. I am going to discuss the speculation and experiments on electricity and magnetism carried out by three people: Hans Christian . In France this became a dominant orthodoxy led by Antoine- Laurent Lavoisier and, in particular, Pierre- Simon de Laplace. The Romantic Movement, particularly those influenced by the Naturphilophie of Frederich Schelling.

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This essay will explore this role of speculative theorizing in the experimental pursuits of . While this essay is not intended to address this unresolved discussion it is relevant to understand both these influences. This near six weeks of discussing galvanism and conducting experiments together laid the foundation of a friendship for life. Ritter was a self- made scientist, influenced by, but not an acolyte of, Schelling, “who can be and in fact was in his time the prototype of a Romantic physicist,”. He developed the accumulator, proved the existence of ultra- violet light after speculating that it must exist, because of nature’s polarity, and the recent discovery of infra- red light by Herschel, and demonstrated the unification of electricity and chemical changes – creating the new science of electrochemistry.

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While Ritter’s experimental work was providing plausibility for the philosophical work of the Romantics, his continual imaginative, and in some cases wildly biased, speculations stimulated both excitement and caution in . The audience were not casual passers- by, rather they were men, advanced amateurs, with a sound foundation in natural philosophy – familiar with his thought experiment that strong electrical forces may affect a magnet. In the April lecture, he took a risk, and tried the experiment to the live audience.

His thought experiment was vindicated when the switching on of the galvanic circuit deflected the magnetic needle. Once he managed time to confirm his results in July 1. Experimenta, in the Danish journal Hesperus. The primary account of these events come from Observations on Electro- magnetism, an 1.

London, Nuremburg, Geneva, and Paris. On the first Monday in December, Amp.

As a consequence of his lack of mathematical training, . With uncharacteristic sarcasm, he later wrote: The ingenuity with which this clever French mathematician has gradually changed and developed his theory in such a way that it is consistent with a variety of contradictory facts is very remarkable. Never a follower off the dominant Laplacian orthodoxy that “electrical and magnetic phenomena are due to two different fluids which act independently of each other,”. His achievements however are deeply rooted in his broader philosophical interests. His idiosyncratic approach to his professional life meant that he had little impact on the society in which he lived. This is in marked contrast to both . His father, Jean- Jacques Amp.

His early felicity in Latin and Italian enabled the young Amp. It was in these years that Ampere displayed his early gift for speculative experimentation, particularly in physics and chemistry.

Immediately prior to his move he gave a lecture at the December 2. Academie de Lyon reveals his speculative scope, which included a “sketch of a vast system that connects all parts of physics” “examination of the influence of electricity on affinities and on the theory of light and colors.”. He believed that “scientific research would eventually reveal the true causal structure of nature” and that “science could at least reach a deeper level of reality than that described by phenomenological laws.”. The observation revealing two glaring exceptions to Laplacian physics; firstly electric and magnetic phenomena were not independent and secondly the perceived force acted tangentially to the current flow.

In the same September and October Amp. In the years 1. 82. Acad. Most notable here was that Amp. Davy was also a Romantic Scientist. He was committed to the view that “mere organization of matter could not give rise to life”. This influence cannot go unnoticed when considering his successor at the Royal Institution; Michael Faraday.

Faraday came from a poor background, but was nonetheless, akin to Amp. By 1. 81. 2 when he made Davy’s acquaintance he had well developed ideas on the nature of imponderable fluids and the nature of matter.