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Large Letter Stencils Downloadable

Large Letter Stencils Downloadable

Coolest Sesame Street and Elmo Birthday Party Ideas. This page is full of the coolest and most original Sesame Street and Elmo birthday party ideas! You won't need to browse around forever trying to find the best deal. Just compare between the great party packs below: Sesame Street and Elmo Invitations. A simple and fun invitation is to create the face of one of the Sesame Street characters. Elmo for example, is quite easy to make: Take red cardstock paper and cut out an oval.

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Use these free printable letter stencils for school projects, scrapbooking, decorating plus many other free stencils and ideas.

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Add either big wiggly eyes or round circles from white cardstock with a black pupil drawn with black permanent marker or glued on black cardstock in the shape of small circles. Then cut out an oval out of orange construction paper for the nose and a happy Elmo smile for the mouth. Then write all the Elmo birthday party info on the back with a black marker.

Large Letter Stencils Downloadable

Here's a small picture of what it looks like to help you out. You can do the above instructions with lots of different Sesame Street characters. Another cute Elmo birthday party idea is adding fabric or material that resembles that specific character, for example a few yellow feathers for Big Bird, a patch of blue fur for Cookie Monster and/or Grover, a patch of red fur for Elmo, etc. For noses you can buy colorful pompoms at a material store (orange pompom for Elmo's nose, pink pompom for Grover's nose, etc.). Here are all kinds of things you can write on your Sesame Street / Elmo birthday partyinvitations: Hooray, Hooray it's Roger's Elmo Birthday Party!!

Come along and join the fun! Little Sherry is turning ONE, with Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie too! We look forward to seeing you! Hey everybody! Elmo says there'll be cake, balloons and so much to do, can you believe it..

Jenny's turning 2! It's Mary's 2nd birthday.. It's an Elmo birthday party and we're going to have a super day!!

And the whole gang's ready for fun and play - Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Elmo too, are all waiting to party with you! We'll have food, games, family and friends, and so much fun until the day ends!! Our little Cookie Monster is turning 2! Join us to celebrate Kim's birthday! An Elmo birthday party! You are invited to Elmo's World!

Also check out our free printable invitations, Sesame Street sign invitations and Elmo birthday party face invitations: When you're writing your street name, you can write before it . When you click on the link, save it to a known place on your computer, than double- click it to open and press 'Install' to install it into your computer font book.

If you choose a specific character for your invitations, write specific quotes they usually say, for example for Elmo you can write . Another idea is to create a little comic strip (downloading from the internet pictures of your child's favorite Sesame Street characters) and have a cute dialogue happen between characters. Here are some quotes from the original TV show you could possibly use: ! Come and play, Everything's A- OK, Friendly neighbors there, That's where we meet, Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street! Lala- lala lala- lala Elmo's song. Me write the music, me write the words, that's Elmo's song.

Hooper) (you can also change the letters and number to your child's initials and age). They call me the Count because I love to count things.! Protector of small children and bunny rabbits! Also, for that extra touch, sprinkle colorful confetti into each envelope before you close them (if you can find confetti in the shape of letters and numbers - that would be perfect!). Sesame Street and Elmo Decorations. Because Sesame Street is known to be very colorful, your color scheme can have many colors. If your child likes a particular character you could just focus on a few colors, for example, red for Elmo, blue for Cookie Monster and Grover, yellow for Big Bird, pink for Abby Caddaby, etc.

How to Make a Photo Collage on a Big Letter . Once it is dry, add a second coat to seal the photos.

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