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All Music Industry Contacts includes thousands of Americas most successful music managers, record label A&R, music agents, music producers. Free (premium version needs a subscription) Spotify is an app which requires no introduction, as one of the first and best streaming music services used by millions. African Renaissance and International Cooperation Fund (ARF) Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020 and Annual Performance Plan 2016 - 2017. Building, launching and sailing an exact replica of the famous and perfect sailing ship in history - The Cutty Sark.

America's Worst Charities. National Veterans Service Fund notes on its website that . The for- profit solicitors paid to raise that money kept more than half. On average, the charity gave assistance it valued at about $5. In 2. 01. 1, the charity raised about $9 million and solicitors kept nearly 8.

USGS Ecologist David Wood facilitates a discussion on producing actionable science and will present some of the key research questions currently facing the agency. GMA offers two versions of it's directory of cities and city officials free for download. Police: Teen wanted for robbery with a machete steals from lemonade stand. The Syracuse Police Warrant Squad are putting you On The Lookout for a 16-year-old who is. SAN FRANCISCO — One of the world’s most evasive digital arms dealers is believed to have been taking advantage of three security vulnerabilities in.

But no details of the grants are reported in any of the charity's annual IRS filings, which only refer to spending on . If they would give in the most cost- effective way, these problems wouldn't exist.

Lookout Download Contacts

Despite the millions raised in its name, the charity does not encourage needy veterans to apply for aid on its website. It can't afford to, Kraft said.

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Music Managers - Get Connected With Thousands of Music Managers and Music Management. Music. Managers. Example. Music Managers List included in All. Music Industry Contacts. Music Managers consist of anything that will help enhance or further an artist or bands career.

That can range from comprehensive career planning to complex contract negotiations to suggesting the lyrics to change in a new song or commenting on a new recording. Music managers are the alter ego of the artist or band, the part of the artist the audience never sees. A music manager is a planner, advisor, organizer, strategist, overseer, coordinator, detailed person, traveling companion and friend.

If you need a music manager then you should order our All Music Industry Contacts Directory below, it contains hundreds of music managers including their complete and direct contact information name, address, direct phone number and updated email address! STAR ENTERTAINMENTNew York, NYPhone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @nyc. rr. Web: www. 4starent. Contact: Todd Frank. Styles: Pop, Rock, Oldies.

Clients: Mo’Nique, Cedric The. Entertainer, Isaiah Washington,Yolanda Adams, the Trammps,Mary Mary*No unsolicited material. Contacts. 3D ARTIST. MANAGEMENTCA 9. 04. Santa Monica. Phone: Direct Fax: Music Managerswww.

Dave Holmes@3dmgmt. Manager. Pop / Rock. Credits: Santogold. Delta Goodrem. Artists: Coldplay. Interpol. Scissor Sisters.

Contacts. 5B ARTIST. MANAGEMENTNew York, NY 1. Phone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @5bam. com. Web: 5bam. com. Styles: Metal, Rock, Alt.*No unsolicited material.

Additional location: Venice, CA 9. Phone: A& R Fax: A& RMusic. Managers. AAMNew York, NY 1. Phone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @aaminc. Web: www. aaminc. Contact: Matthew Clayman.

Styles: Alt., Rock, Pop, Indie. Clients: Call for roster*No unsolicited material, representsproducers only. Mark Beaven. Manager. Dance. Credits: William Orbit. Contacts. ABBA- TUDE.

ENTERTAINMENTBeverly Hills, CA 9. Phone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @aol. com.

Contact: Mark “Abba” Abbattista. Styles: All. Services: Personal management,legal*Accepts unsolicited material. Contacts. A. C. ENTERTAINMENTNew York, NY 1. Phone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @ix. netcom. Web: www. badbrains.

Contact: Anthony Countey. Styles: Punk, hip- hop, alt., rock. Clients: Bad Brains, Dufus, “Dr. Know” aka Gary Miller, Darryl.

Jenifer (producer), Blakvova*Accepts unsolicited material, butnot seeking new clients. Contacts. AFRICAN. MUSIC SOURCEEl Cerrito, CA 9. Phone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @aol. com. Web: www. africanmusicsource.

Contact: Baba Ken Okulolo. Styles: African. Clients: Baba Ken & Kotoja, Baba. Ken & Afro- Groove Connection,West African Highlife Band,Baba Ken Okulolo & the Nigerian. Brothers*Accepts unsolicited material, Music Management. Contacts. AIC ENTERTAINMENTBainbridge Island, WA 9. Phone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @aicentertainment.

Web: www. aicentertainment. Contact: Amanda Case. Styles: S/S, folk, pop, rock,americana, jazz, world. Clients: Ian Moore, Two Loons For. Tea, Spottiswoode & His Enemies,Modeste, Joel Dilley, Bett Butler,Swati, Bronwen Exter, Don Di. Lego,David Berkeley, Jamie Hutchings,Sophie Hutchings, Beautiful Small.

Machines.*Accepts unsolicited material, callor email . Herbst@ai. Artists. Manager. Pop. Artists: Madeleine Peyroux.

Contacts. ANGELICA. ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTNashville, TNPhone: Direct Fax: Music Managers. E- mail: @angelica. Web: www. angelica. Contact: Jules Delgado.

Styles: ambient, lounge, new age,pop, world, ! Is it ok to send a demo or link to your music for music management companies to review? Well, yes of course, and you should be shopping your music to as many people as possible.

Although Artists and bands often fail because their music just isn't good enough. There are three main flaws with your music that music managers often notice, to put it simply your music may not be good enough in terms of production, performance and songwriting. The quality of your recordings does not really matter too much, although some music managers may not be able to see past poor production to an extent, so try to have good production if at all possible. Secondly, it is important to make sure that you or your band put the time and effort in to perfect your material before sending music to music managers, meaning music managers are looking for quality songs, nice photographs and a good biography or background of you or your band.