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Polaris Snowmobiles Repair Manual

Polaris Snowmobiles Repair Manual

I&T Shop Manuals John Deere 670, 770, 870, 9 manual. The family farm may be long gone, but the manuals that keep the tractors. Service and repair your ATV for optimal performance with Polaris ATV repair manuals. We have Haynes and Clymer ATV manuals. 2010-2013 Rush Pro-Ride Switchback Assault RMK Snowmobile Repair Manual CD-ROM (SKU: 1013-POLARIS-SNOW) Covers repair of 2010-2013 Rush Pro-Ride Switchback Assault.


Unlike a factory manual, Clymer snowmobile manuals are written for the DIY enthusiast. The most important tool in your toolbox may be your Clymer manual, get one today. View and Download Polaris Frontier owner's manual online. Polaris 2002 Snowmobile Owner's Manual. Frontier Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Polaris Help Polaris Help is here when Self Help and Dealer Help are not able to address your questions. To get started click on the Contact Us to the left and sign.

Pdf repair manual downloads for all your personal, recreational, industrial, commercial and equipement needs. The internet's BEST source for Factory repair & maintenance manuals available for instant download! If this is your first time buying a downloadable manual, you got. Providing instant access to Polaris Service Manuals, Arctic Cat Service Manual, Yamaha Snowmobile Manuals & Ski-Doo Repair Manuals that you can download now.

Pdf repair manual downloads for all your personal, recreational and industrial vehicles and equipment needs.

Carburetor Tuning Arctic Cat Polaris & Yamaha Snowmobiles. Don’t smoke in areas of fuel as this can cause fuel to ignite. Don’t overfill the gas tank or fill neck on tank. See a doctor immediately if gasoline comes in contact with eyes. If gasoline comes in contact with clothing or skin, use soap to wash it off and change clothes. Downloading Torrents Without Uploading.

Never start the engine and allow it to run in a enclosed space, fumes can result in loss of consciousness shortly after. MIKUNI Jet Part Numbers. The following lists main and pilot jets, and the part numbers for some Arctic Cat, Polaris and Yamaha snowmobiles. Download the repair manual to get exact Mikuni jet specifications for your vehicle. PILOT JET NUMBER - PART NUMBER2.

Download the repair manual for the following specifications and part number: Jet needle Pilot air jets (long)Pilot air jets (short)Piston valves. Notched piston valves. Starter jets. Basic Carburetor Overview.

Gasket. Top cap. Lever. Piston valve. Mixing body. Check valve. Fuel screw.

Pilot jet. Starter jet. Float needle sand seat Float body. Needle jet. Plunger. The following information are the carburetor's main components and the function for each. Note, depending on model and year snowmobile, parts may differ. Pilot Air Jet: The pilot jet controls air entering the motor from the idle circuit. The size of the pilot jet is critical.

The larger the pilot jet, the more air will enter which will lean the idle mixture. Main Jet and Pilot Jet: The pilot jets (air bleed type) and the main jets (hex) are the same in function and style on Mikuni carbs.

A washer is located on the main jets and shouldn't be removed. Fuel Screw: The fuel screw's function is to control the low speed fuel/air mixture when the engine is at idle. Turning the fuel screw in an outward direction causes the mixture to become richer. The fuel screw can be adjusted a total of five turns out. Needle Jet: The needle jet cannot be replaced, it is pressed into the carburetors. Starter Jet: The function of the starter jet is to meter the fuel that enters the motor when choked.

The larger a number on the starter jet means the more fuel can pass. Therefore, if you jet to a larger size, more fuel will enter the system. Piston Valve: The piston valve operates in the same way as the Mikuni VM carb round slide valves. Jet Needle: The jet needle works the same way as the Mikuni VM carbs. However, the needles are longer in the TM- 3. VM needles. To lower or raise the needle, take off the top cap, loosen the screw holding the jet needle in position.

Use long nose pilers to reach inside and pull the needle out. Then, the C- clip will be adjustable for the desired effect. Changing main Jets. The main jet(s) on the carburetor must be replaced in conjunction with changes in altitude, temperature and type of fuel (octane) being use. Loosen the flange clamp on each carburetor and take off each carb from the boot and intake flange. Take off the O- ring and drain plug from each carb float chamber and allow the gasoline to drain into container or absorbent cloth. Use a Main jet wrench (special tool) and thread the main jet our from each carburetor.

Make sure you account for the baffle ring. Then install new main jets, with the baffle ring, and tighten them. Reinstall the O- ring and drain, torque to factory specifications. Carburetor Tuning. Most carburetors are set at the factory to operate at a specific temperature at sea level ( O.

If the snowmobile will be operated outside of these parameters, the carburetor must be reset. Download the factory repair manual to find out which carburetor your machine has and how to reset the carb. High Speed and Midrange Tuning. Normally adjustments aren't required, but sometimes necessary. Midrange speed and high speed tuning (from 1/4 to full throttle) must be done by adjusting the main jet. Caution: Never run the snowmobile without the air chamber and air intake silencer installed.

Engine damage may result. Turn the snowmobile engine on and let the motor reach normal operating temperatures, assure the engine operates smoothly. Then turn off the engine. Remove spark plug. Inspect the spark plug insulator color. If the color of the insulator is light to medium tan color, the spark plug is working normally. If the color is distinctly different, replace the main jet.

The carburetor main jet should be adjusted based on the main jet selection chart. See the download repair manual for the chart.

Polaris ATV Repair Manuals - ATV Service Manual. You can literally extend the life and usability of your ATV with one of the many Clymer and Haynes Polaris ATV manuals we sell. These repair manuals are intended for people who like to take care of the maintenance and repair of their ATVs in their own garages, and they are packed with easy to understand instructions and clear photos and diagrams.

Snowmobile Repair Manuals. We have access to many more Snowmobile Repair Manuals.