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S&Amp;S Super E Idle Problems


No more rider legroom problems as the Super E are approximately 1 7/16' shorter than previous.

Is Your Car Idling Too Low or Too High? Help With Idling Issues Like Low Idle. Problems with idle speed, things like slow idle, low idle. S&S Super E Carb Running Rich. It runs fine at idle and cranks. Before I get back in it I wanted help with the threading problems and suggestions on getting. S&S carb problems The Board. I am assuming and it sounds like you are running a S&S super E. I believe your idle adjustment needs. S&S Super E carb giving me nothing but problems The Board. I just seem to have problems tuning super e carbs. And idle speed I have like a half turn from. A Guide to Choosing S&S Cycle Super E Carburetor Kit - Harley Davidson Models w Carburetor - 11-0420.

S&Amp;S Super E Idle Problems

How do i adjust a S& S super B carb, cold start .

The Jockey Journal. Hello Blacktooth (the pirate?)The teardrop you are referring to is the style of air cleaner, not the carb. I am assuming and it sounds like you are running a S& S super E.

I believe your idle adjustment needs tweeking in so it can idle up some more, idling to low is a bad thing, might sound cool but it's not good for your engine. You may want to disassemble the fuel enrichner, clean and lube then reinstall.

I have almost the exact same issue. If I accelerate hard, it dies plumb out. Mine won't pick up like you say yours does.

Hey thank's for stoppin in. Well first I have an 8. FXRP pretty much entirely stock from the look of it I haven't had a need to tear into the engine yet it, cause it runs strong other than this new carb idle issue. When I bought it had the the original Keihin on it. My buddy pulled this Super E off his bike and handed it to me when he got his new Mikuni hsr 4. He also said something about him putting in a atomizer in the Super E which helped with the flat spot, but did nothing for the idle situation.

Well anyway this carb always had the same issues as I am having now even on his bike he said. The thing runs great has a smooth roll on with the throttle at just about every rpm with no misses or sputters. Nice all around performance other than the only way this thing will idle is with the idle set way high, and if it the idle is set below this sweet spot it will quickly sputter out in a few seconds, and die even when warmed up.

I have been riding it like this for a few months off and on now, and I have checked my plugs periodically, and it seems to be running perfectly not rich or lean by gauging at how the plugs look. This Super E has done this from the start of me putting it on my bike, and has done this same behavior on the last bike it was on. My Keihin idled perfectly by the way so I am pretty sure it is just this Super E having a issue.

I am pretty certain that there are no manifold air leaks due to the last carb idling perfect on my bike, and my buddies new carb running perfect. Before I pull this thing off any ideas, on what to try or look for would be greatly appreciated. Ej Manuel Quarterback Camp. I plan to take this carb off, and check the jet sizes, but before I do, and I was also wondering if anyone knew what the factory Super E jet sizes were so I could see where I am at with it now. Thanks for your time.