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LINK- Do I always have to start my career from the first campaign? No, type ? This means that, in order to trigger the campaign transfer, you will have to be ON PATROL when ending date of your current campaign chapter is reached, preferably somewhere at open sea without AI units in your vicinity. This is important so pay special attention not to skip this date due to badly timed docking.. The end date of first . Check ending dates for other campaigns here. Now, there is a catch..

Due to certain broken aspects of SH5's launcher, there is a possibility that even upon reaching campaign chapter ending date, campaign transfer still may fail to initialize (your patrol just goes on without any visible objectives). In this case, you should load your previous gamesave (made before campaign chapter ending date) and use one of these two methods (this or this) to trigger campaign transfer correctly.. For this method to work, the TDW patch which disables Uplay browser should be disabled (by default in TWo. S). Note that Mama's solutions with TWo. S can be necessary only when you expecting campaign transfer, on campaign chapter ending. Before that date, you can load your gamesaves with or without these tweaks, there will be no significant impact on campaign progress. Alternatively or if Mama's tweaks don't work for you, you can use this workaround which will work for sure even if campaign chapter ending date is passed for a few days ..

SH5 campaign progress workaround- We have ! Thanks to the amassing Sky.

Baron's work, SH5/TWo. S features, for the first time in SH series, fully functional naval M4 Enigma machine used by KM during the WWII. Due to some technical aspects of the game, when deciphering the message make sure to always use encryption date contained within the message it self (ex. BDU 0. 60. 0/1/1. Players who do not wish to use . However, if your patrol timer is stopped due to mentioned reasons, it is not the end of the world (You'll stay short for just a couple of crew promotional points, there is no other penalties).

Hey, das gleiche hatte ich gestern auch. Ich dachte auch erst alles sei weg. Dann fuhr ich den Rechner runter und. Forum: Bug (Reports) & Technical Help. Having a problem getting TATW installed or have you found a bug? Use this forum for reporting bugs and getting other technical.

This also means that you certainly don't wont to miss approaching large convoy just because it is outside of your patrol area.. You can restart your stuck patrol timer by exiting from patrol zone, saving/reloading the game and entering the designated zone again..- I've arrived in Kiel but I cant select Eastern British Coastal Waters objective, only Danzing objective is available?

Campaign objectives are date controlled and EBCW objective will not be available until 4th September 1. I wish to change number of days spent in the bunker.. Sure, check this mod..

Could be a corrupt download? I have downloaded this and can confirm it works perfectly. Ingame Editor Civ5 - Modpacks. Hello and thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, I am not in position to play Civ V right now. Allerdings vermisse ich den Cheat, mit dem man die Karrierebelohnungen frei schalten kann. Ich hatte den auf meiner alten Cheatliste, die. Community Patch - Modpack (Multiplayer Compatible) Community Patch Project.

Clicky. To apply your settings , you should launch your SH5 trough CSDCommander at least once. All days in bunker tweaks should be done prior your docking.- Where's mine target identify button?! In this megamod automatic target recognition is disabled due to somewhat unrealistic implementation. There really aren't to many ships to be recognized in SH5 so auto recognition while the ship is 2. Should I play without real navigation? In my opinion absolutely not! The. Dark. Wraith's Real Navigation is one of the few SH5 features which can separate SH5 from the rest of the franchise and it improves gameplay drastically.

It is the best and the most realistic nautical navigation mod ever adopted for SH games and it will suit both experienced and new players.- I checked all options but still my displayed realism percentage is 7. Full 1. 00% realism settings are reserved exclusively for Real Navigation Captains who do not use auto target recognition cheat (AKA . Recognition manual's . Many players are accustomed to heavily overpowered stock deck gun where couple of HE shells will have almost the same effect as torpedo warhead, not going to happen with this expansion. Use deck gun to finish of targets that refuse to sink after torpedo attack (or vice versa). If you wish to sink a ship with deck gun only, prepare yourself for engagement which can sometimes last for several hours.. Most of the ships will sink after one well placed torpedo struck, although sometimes you may need to give them some time until ships crew decide to quit damage/flood fighting and abandon the ship (simulated in SH5).

Savegames Download Powered By Vbulletin

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Ship sinking speed depends of various factors like : crew skill, hit location, damage taken, type of the ship, internal cargo, ect ect.. Note also that electric torpedoes have less powerful warhead than steam counterparts.- Should I attack neutral shipping? Despite common belief that the game wont penalize you if you sink neutral ship, it seems that it will by giving you negative rating and renown points which are very important for players progress (medals, new subs and equipment, prom. But again, sometimes one must do what has to be done..- I've sunk a ship and now my game freezes when I try to open Captains log?

Savegames Download Powered By Vbulletin

This means that you have sink a friendly unit from Axis coalition and your campaign is now over. You should be more careful when selecting targets next time..- Should I do harbor raids?

Guide: Softmod ANY Wii. Softmod/Hackalmost ANY Wii v.

New wiis, old wiis, virgin wiis or your favorite slutty wii. Korean wiis, Japanese wiis, even those Exotic black, red and blue wiis. THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH THE WII MINI. It has no SD support, as such, there is presently no known way to hack this console. For softmodding purposes, the Wii Mini is to be avoided.

To be clear this guide is for WII NOT Wii. U. Password =www. Softmoding can brick your wii, this is very very unlikely. Accept this fact or stop now. Compatible with hardmoded Wiis and softmoded Wiis. You must click on the spoiler to open it. I am a spoiler- Click me please.

Congratulations, you can follow simple instructions and may proceed with this guide Downloading Files. You will need to download a few files to complete this guide. Be sure to download the right file, pay attention. Cios FAQ- What this mod installs. After completion of this guide, your Wii will have the Home.

Brew Channel, Bootmii, a Backup Disk Channel (Neogamma R9 Beta 5. USB Loaders: USB Loader GX v.

Configurable USB Loader v. MOD r. 35, and Wii. Flow MOD r. 34. 8. Below is a list of these IOS and c.

IOS, and an explanation to what they do for those that are interested. If you don't know, don't worry about it, as the info below may be over your head at the moment.

It is the first wad installed, and is replaced by the second wad 1. OS2. 36. wad. This test insures that Nintendo never produces a wii that is incompatible with the current setup of the guide.

At this time, all Wii consoles are compatible, but there is a very very small possibility that some newer Wii will not be. This test would would halt the installation if such a wii was developed, preventing any damage to it. IOS9 (rev 5. 43. 21): Trucha Bug, ES. When loaded with this ios, Any Title Deleter gives no error at startup. Trucha Bug, ES Identify, rev. Version 5. 43. 21 prevents it's removal if you would accidentally update from Nintendo- provides need patches to load custom data.

This is the ios that runs the Nintendo Backup Disk, which was stubbed on 4. The Nintendo Backup Disk can backup all of your save data. Most importantly, it can install any savegame exploit supported by your system menu, such as Indiana PWNS or Yo Gi Vah, Twilight hack, etc. I have tried to disk swap with it, but have failed, perhaps I did not try hard enough. Castelvenia disk swap from recovery menu. From disk channel, allows for SSBB, Castelvania disk swap without modchip to recover softmod from SM update (assuming ios.

SM IOS). cios. 20. IOS configurations and can all be loaded from the latest versions of CFG loader, USB Loader GX, Wii. Flow, and Neogamma. Once installed, it is used to install all other patched IOS. SM. This IOS config has been setup to support all common recovery methods known to us, without the need of a modchip, and to preserve them during a FAIL update. It also has all required c.

IOS for game play that we are aware of. Update any existing softmod. I followed your guide, last week, last month, whatever, how do I update? I followed another guide, and I'm now ready to update using this guide, how do I update?

There have been many questions about this aspect, and here is our attempt to help you make an informed decision about how to proceed. There is so much disinformation, or half- right tutorials out there that it becomes very, very difficult to support here. If you're positive you have a valid NAND backup, you may skip the NAND backup process.. I have a NAND backup, and HBC 1.

IOS5. 8You can update the homebrew channel to 1. I have a NAND backup, and HBC 1. IOS5. 8If you have HBC 1. Do Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

Additional information: Removing . Neogamma r. 8 channel. Loadmii channel. USB loader gx channel (old channel)To uninstall these channels, download- . MAR- 2. 01. 3 Updated App Pack, added IOS6. Shop Channel Update.

Updated App Pack to v. Download Programs For Photo Editing Free read more. JAN- 2. 01. 2 d. 2x. Base changes & mothballed channels. DEC- 2. 01. 1 - d.

Final, new forwarders, mothballed old channels. CIOS- PACK- v. 5CIOS Pack. CIOS Updates. Cios updated to d.

CIOS Base details. IOS2. 45- d. 2x. 7 final base 5.

IOS2. 46- d. 2x. 7 final base 5. IOS2. 47- d. 2x. 7 final base 3. IOS2. 48- d. 2x. 7 final base 5. IOS2. 49- d. 2x. 7 final base 3. IOS2. 50- d. 2x. 7 final base 5.

IOS2. 51- d. 2x. 7 final base 5. IOS2. 02 updated to 5.

IOS2. 24 updated to 5. Mothballed Channels. USBLoader. CFG - UCXF - IOS5. Neogamma CHANNEL r. Auto Mod- NEOG- mothballed. These can be uninstalled- Free File Sharing Made Simple - Media.

Fire. New Channels. USBLoader(s)- ahbprot. SD- USB- v. 11b- IDCL - supports a variety of usbloads, cfg, usbloader gx, wiiflow, ect.

Neo. Gamma R9 Beta 5. NGBT. wad - latest beta, no autobooting enabled. Prilloader v. 0. 6 replaced with priiloader 0.

Updated application pack. App pack updated- APP- PACK- 1.

JUN- 2. 01. 1 D2x. CIOS Updates. CIOS Update v. Download D2. X6. zip. Extract to sd: \Verify Checksums if you like. Load the HBCLoad Multi- Mod Manager.

Select Wad Manager. Select folder . Bannerbomb is best and is supported on 3.