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Subliminal Message App For Android

The Many Faces Of Google's Hamburger Navigation Drawer. It goes without saying for most Android enthusiasts that the side- navigation drawer is a hot point of contention right now. With the introduction of material design, Google emphasized information hierarchy heavily, giving advice in its design specifications on how to arrange just about everything, including side navigation. According to the specifications (and Googler Roman Nurik), the . It could be argued that Google implemented a placeholder drawer design in some places because the support libraries were not available, or to maintain fidelity with other drawers on pre- L systems since Android Lollipop is not actually released yet.

The rebuttal to the first point would be that Google has worked with unreleased libraries from L for some time now to implement new treats before anyone else could. To the second point, this would be an acceptable answer if the drawers in Google's recent updates maintained internal consistency, which they don't.

The inconsistencies could probably be chalked up to independent teams using different tools for different projects, but on the bright side there is some hope that Google is working on bringing things more into line. The Spinny Arrow. One of the solutions Google came up with between pre- L and L designs was the spinning arrow animation. As Roman Nurik has explained, this animation doesn't actually belong in a navigation drawer interaction. It's a beautiful bit of interface chrome, but it's worth looking at why it doesn't belong. The animation was created for instances where a hamburger button appeared consistently, but the user entered a secondary view on top of the first.

What's new in this version: Version 5.3 streamlines dose player across all windows versions and updates installer. Includes bug fixes and compatibility for Windows 8. You just spent a good deal of cash to purchase the new iPad. Have you given thought as to what you would do if it were lost or stolen? Wouldn’t it be great if there. Subliminal advertising conveys hidden messages of which viewers are not consciously aware. This ad strategy poses serious ethical issues, particularly. Since almost all people have a strong affinity to sex, a sexual subliminal message would be the most effective one. Embedded on a product it's supposed to.

For an example of this, see the yet unreleased Google Search update. The hamburger icon lives in the search bar, so when the user transitions to the bar with search suggestions, the icon transforms into an arrow.

The navigation menu ultimately belongs on top of everything - this arrangement maintains visual and informational hierarchy, and keeping this consistent provides a better experience for users hopping between various apps. Variations on the Theme. With the arrow out of the way, let's take a look at the various hamburger menus Google has in place at the time of writing. For now, we'll take a look at nine variations on the theme, all but one of which are currently in active circulation. If I've missed any, feel free to post them in the comments. The first screenshot (number 1), belonging to Google's Play Newsstand is close to being correct. Its flaw is that it still houses the arrow animation, which is ultimately hidden by the drawer itself.

Additionally, like number 7, the user's avatar is surrounded by a white border. This is an interesting issue because it brings up an important question about an app's internal consistency.

The Play suite of apps (including Movies and Newsstand pictured as 7 and 1 above) have used avatars with a cool white border for a long time now, so is it acceptable to carry this paradigm to the drawer? Since the overall hierarchy of the drawer is maintained, it seems reasonable.

Number 2, which belongs to the new Google Search app, is again close, but the typography is unique to the app. It's a common theme in Google Search, but probably not best for the drawer itself. Additionally, there are icons for Settings and Help & Feedback, where there are none in Google's specification. Moving on to number 3, we have something even more interesting - in this shot we see a stubby hamburger icon with what appears at first to be correct use of iconography and list items, but on closer inspection the icons are ever so slightly off from the 1. Again we have unnecessary icons beside Settings and Help & Feedback, items which - according to spec - should be deemphasized from the rest of the drawer.

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Number 4 is hangouts. Hangouts uses a non- standard profile picker paradigm, doesn't deemphasize Settings or Help & Feedback, and does not overlap the tab or app bars. It also uses the old hamburger indicator at the top, which embeds itself in the side of the frame when activated. Number 5 belongs to Inbox. Here we see a standard profile picker with some admittedly awesome flair - a swipe interaction that switches accounts.

Subliminal Message App For Android

Elsewhere we have colored iconography (perhaps useful in this context but ultimately off- kilter with spec), and a weird sticky bottom sheet for Settings and Help & Feedback which, again, have their own icons.

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