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The Shirelles Greatest Hits Download

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The Shirelles Greatest Hits Download

The Shirelles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Shirelles. Background information. Also known as. The Poquellos, Shirley & the Shirelles. Origin. Passaic, New Jersey, USGenres.

R& B, rock and roll, doo- wop, pop, soul. Years active. 19. They consisted of schoolmates Shirley Owens (later Shirley Alston Reeves), Doris Coley (later Doris Kenner- Jackson), Addie .

After a brief and unsuccessful period with Decca, they went with Greenberg to her newly formed company, Scepter Records. Working with Luther Dixon, the group rose to fame with .

After a successful period of collaboration with Dixon and promotion by Scepter, with seven top 2. Shirelles left Scepter in 1. Afterwards, they were unable to maintain their previous popularity.

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The Shirelles Greatest Hits Download

The Shirelles have been described as having a . Several of their hits used strings and bai. They have been credited with launching the girl group genre, with much of their music reflecting the genre's essence. Their acceptance by both white and black audiences, predating that of the Motown acts, has been noted as reflecting the early success of the African- American Civil Rights Movement.

It was originally recorded in 1960 by.

The Chantels The Chantels notched three national hits before The Shirelles got their first. The biggest, of course, was the group’s signature song.

They have received numerous honors, including the Pioneer Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, as well as being accepted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1. Rolling Stone in 2. The founding members, Shirley Owens (born June 1.

Doris Coley (August 2, 1. After hearing them sing . After several months of avoiding Greenberg and telling her that they were not interested in singing professionally, they were booked to Tiara. By the end of the year they had changed their name to the Shirelles, a combination of the first syllable of Owens' given name and - el, reminiscent of then- popular group the Chantels, after briefly using the name the Honeytunes. That year, they released their first song, .

The song was influenced by doo- wop, but infused with pop melodies. Tiara Records, along with the Shirelles' contract, was sold to Decca Records in 1. Greenberg stayed as the manager, securing performances for the group, including one at the Howard Theatre in Washington D.

C. In order to better promote the group, Greenberg asked songwriter Luther Dixon, who had previously worked with Perry Como, Nat King Cole, and Pat Boone and co- written the 1. Dixon accepted. Their first single produced with Dixon, . During this same period they reissued .

However, they carried on performing and recording. Dionne Warwick replaced Owens and Coley, who took leave to marry their fianc. That year, their song . However, later in 1.

Scepter on their 2. In response, they left the label, and later filed a breach of contract suit against the company.

Scepter met this with a countersuit for quitting; both suits were withdrawn in 1. Knowing that Scepter had lied about the trust disappointed the Shirelles, who felt deceived. In a 1. 98. 1 interview with Bruce Pollock, Owens said that Greenberg had put on a . During this period, Warwick often replaced Coley due to the latter's family commitments. The Shirelles were still bound to Scepter and thus unable to record for another company until the end of their contract in 1.

Their last single to chart was 1. The remaining three Shirelles recorded songs for several labels, including Bell Records, RCA, and United Artists until 1.

Afterwards, they toured singing their older songs, and participated in the filming of the 1. Let the Good Times Roll, recording two songs for it. Coley returned as lead singer in 1. Owens, who left that year to pursue a solo career. In 1. 98. 2 Harris died of a heart attack in the Hyatt Regency after two performances in Atlanta, Georgia, with the group.

The following year, the remaining three original members performed . Shirley Owens performed on the Doo Wop 5. PBS special in 2. Shirley Alston Reeves and her Shirelles'. Lee currently tours with new members, billed as . Coley died in Sacramento, California, on February 4, 2.

Wadhams, Nathan, and Lindsay describe the style of the Shirelles early work as . Samsung Mobile Phone Downloader.

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