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Watermark Software For Macs

Apple patents: Clues to future i. Phones, i. Pads, Macs, Apple Watch & more - Features. There are many clues about future Apple products in Apple's patent portfolio. Here, we explore the most exciting Apple patents to see what we can uncover about unreleased products, including the i. Phone 7, new i. Pads, the Apple Watch 2, upcoming Macs and other future tech. What is Apple working on behind the scenes?

Watermark Software For Macs

What can we expect from Apple in the rest of 2. Here, we explore Apple's patent portfolio to find out. Apple is famously secretive, but like all companies it has to issue a list of patents to the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) and these provide hints at future and upcoming projects. Apple is known for its patents, which are detailed but often try to disguise product plans with in- depth technicality. In addition to protecting the company's current product line- up from sneaky copycats, many of those Apple patents outline fascinating technologies that the company is working on or is interested in, and show the direction its products could take in the future. Here are some key Apple patents that give an insight into the kinds of technology Apple is hoping to use in its future products. You can follow the links below to skip to a particular product, or sit back and relax while we talk you through the best bits of Apple's entire portfolio.

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Phone 7 . Here are just a few of them. Read next: i. Phone 6s review . The panel would recharge during the day and you wouldn't need to plug your phone into the socket any more.

Good for the planet, convenient for us. Read more: Why Apple was bad for the environment (and why that's changing)Apple i. Phone 7 patents: 'Metal look' antenna. Apple has always been keen on style. Its products usually feature a premium appearance - but nobody is perfect.

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Watermark Software For Macs

This, it could be argued, was the case with the i. Phone 6 and 6 Plus, whose metallic backs were disrupted by plastic lines. Those lines are important - they're radio antennae - but a lot of users felt that they spoiled the look of the devices. Well, if one patent is any clue, Apple is trying to put this right.

A new Apple patent describes a material with a metal appearance that would allow wireless signals to pass through. The overall impression would be of a continuous smooth metal surface. Apple i. Phone 7 patents: Viscoelastic material.

Apple knows that its users - like all owners of tech products - can at times be very clumsy. That's why it's devising a viscoelastic material that would absorb impacts. The material would cover Apple devices and make them survive drops far better. This is a patent that could make sense in all of Apple's mobile devices and laptops, but the i. Phone is the obvious area to begin. Apple i. Phone 7 patents: Sidewall displays.

Concept by Michael Shanks. In May 2. 01. 4, Apple was granted a patent for . The patent suggests that the sidewall displays could be an extension of the main touchscreen, and they could have interactive or touch sensitive portions. Apple has several ideas about what the sidewall displays could be used for.

In some embodiments, Apple suggests that some app icons can be displayed there, or that the displays could be used for slide- to- unlock functionality, music player controls, messaging readout, caller ID, system controls and more. Samsung has actually released the Galaxy Note Edge, which has a display that wraps around one edge of the smartphone. You can find out more about the Galaxy Note Edge here. Apple i. Phone 7 patents: Accident- free buttons. In May 2. 01. 4, a patent titled . The patent covers a physical button that also has a touch sensor, which would know when a user's finger is touching it rather than another object in a bag. The buttons highlighted in Apple's patent include the power, sleep, menu, volume and multipurpose buttons that are physical on most mobile devices and are therefore prone to accidental input.

Apple's Touch ID home button uses similar technology to the technology described in this patent, though it's also used as a security measure thanks to a fingerprint scanning authentication method. Apple i. Phone 7 patents: Greater touch accuracy.

Along the same lines, Apple has been awarded a patent that could help prevent accidental touch input from i. Phone users on the move.

The patent describes a . This could make it possible to use an i. Phone while running or jogging, for example.

Apple i. Phone 7 patents: Curved display. Download Game Drag Racing Untuk Hp Java here.

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